Bio on Splash-in Pilot Ed Moon

Ed "Turbo" Moon


             Ed has been married 28 years to his wife and is a father of 3 sons.  Two are married, and the oldest is a commercial land/sea pilot who out did his parents by getting married in a Falcon Jet and flys a Citation XLS.  Ed has a grandsons named is Maverick. 

            Ed first started flying in 1986 in Portage County, OH with flight instructor Cindy Bennett.   Cindy flew my 310 for my wedding 3 years later.  First started flying a Cessna 152 and first seaplane was in 1989 a J3S at Jack Browns Seaplane Base.  Currently has about 5100 hours and about 500 seaplane hours and keeps his 1975 Lake Amphibian in his back yard.  Farthest trip flown in a seaplane was in Lake Amphibian from Florida to Ohio, Massachusetts and back down the coast straight over JFK to Florida.  He has landed an airplane in all 50 states, 14 countries and brought a C421 back from Paris.  Ed flys King Air 200s to the Bahamas for Air Unlimited.