Moon Landing Splash-in

July 7th Moon Landing (FD21)
2018 Summer Splash-In


Grill – Chill - Play

Knee Deep Water for 300+ yards

This is a WET Event!!

Bring Ropes, Anchors, Bumpers, Chairs as Needed


Burgers & Dogs Provided

Bring a Side to share and your drinks

Lake Mary Jane

Moss Park is on the West side of the Lake


I, Dave Hensch, will be there to help with my bathing suit and will have a handheld radio on 123.37, please have radios on as you approach the area.  See images below. Donation bucket will be there for help paying for event expenses.  Please RSVP to me at


Please RSVP to me at with airplane callsign, type, and people on board.