Lake Weir Splash-in

Lake Weir May 27 Cancelled due to weather 

Date: May 27, 2018
     Meet up at the Lake Weir, 13 miles NW of KLEE, at Location shown below.  Food truck will be there for lunch starting at 11am.  Food truck is  If driving address is 11201 SE Sunset Harbor Rd, Summerfield, FL 32159.  The homeowner, Nelson has a huge lot for parking amphibs which can go up the ramp, or we can park on the beach too.  Nelson keeps his Lake amhpib there in his hangar.  I have scoped it out and if you can go up the ramp, then great if not, bring an anchor and extra line.  If too many people are on the beach and it fills up, I will be there in my bathing suit to help moor the seaplanes around the island.  I will post pictures of the site soon.
     Please RSVP to me at or 386-248-2010.  Most likely, we will be meeting up for lunch.  Suggested arrival time around 11:00 and lasting for a couple hours or so.  Please RSVP.