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Airplane Multi-Engine SEA (AMES)


  • $550 per flight hour plus examiner fee
  • Includes flight and ground training
  • Requirements: FAA AMEL license and medical

Since our aircraft are big enough, we also do "buddy" training, both SES and MES, whereby two folks train simultaneously, one flying and the other observing from the rear seat. This is the

very best VALUE training that is available, as effectively you get twice the total seaplane exposure.   
     We keep our (3) MAULES here in Altamonte Springs (northern part of Orlando at the above address) and our Widgeon is kept at Spruce Creek Airfield, the USA's finest fly-in community near Daytona Beach.  Our instructors are lifelong learners/teachers of seaplane operations, including seasons spent flying in Alaska, and years of seaplane training.
     If you have more questions, please fire away by email or call. We will warn you in advance, Seaplane Flying is Highly Addictive!



Airplane Single Engine SEA (ASES)


  • High performance and complex seaplane
  • Flat course rate is $1850 plus examiner fee
  • Includes flight and ground training and flight time (up to 6 hours)
  • We also do recurrent training, or tailor training to your wishes $375 per hour
  • Requirements:  FAA ASEL license and medical
  • Email, call, or text for more details

















         Here at Florida Seaplanes, we utilize (3) MAULE 235 HP Super Rocket Seaplanes for Airplane Single Engine Seaplane (ASES) and a very classy and classic G44A Grumman Widgeon for airplane Multi-Engine Sea (AMES).  We do big and small lake landings, normal/glassy/rough water procedures, confined area, crosswind, turning takeoffs, step taxi, and even river landings! We also stop at various waterfront cafes and restaurants for lunch breaks and frankly have quite a good time splashing around Central Florida.  We work to meet YOUR scheduling needs and usually a typical student will finish rating in 3 days.  We can also do refresh and dual flight training without rating. If you wish to get a rating, you must either have FAA pilot license standalone, or a FAA pilot license based on foreign license. 

Seaplane Ratings and Instruction