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Harney fenceline.png

 Lake Harney Splash-in

Lake Harney Splash-in

Nov 20, 2021



Come out to meet up with other seaplane pilots on

Lake Harney's Northeast shoreline (see pictures below).  The Marco's have invited us to come and hang out.  Please bring your own picnic and meet up with other local seaplane pilots.  Please RSVP if you can come. 


Parking: Pull up on the sandy/grassy beach.  Bring your own tiedowns and lines.  You will most likely get your feet wet, but that's part  of the fun.  Bring your own food, drinks, chairs, towels, blankets, or whatever else you want to bring.


Frequency:  123.375 (Central Florida Seaplane Frequency)

Please RSVP (aircraft type, tail number, and number aboard).

 Water levels fluctuate due to rain. Lake Harney has a large fluctuation, so during high water, cattle fences that are normally high and dry are in the water or even under water.  I suggest not operating parallel to the shore within 500-1000 feet of shore.  Land out a ways and come straight in looking out the window and on frequency.


I will be on a handheld radio 123.375 to assist parking if needed. 


Previous years of pictures below:  

Please send me photos of event at floridaseaplanes@hotmail.com by email or dropbox or whatever method works for you.

If  you are ever flying around Lake Harney, please avoid overflying the remote control strip.  Give his place a buffer due to high speed jet model airplanes.

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